Mens Watches For Small Wrists

28 Men’s Watches for Small Wrists That Look Stunning (2019)

[Updated April 2019] It’s pretty easy to find small men’s watches. Even by shrinking your maximum acceptable watch size, there are still tons of watches for small wrists on the market.

But they are not all great-looking and well-built. So I made a lot of research, and here are the pieces that I found to be the best.

The best men’s watches for small wrist should have a 40 mm case or smaller – 36 to 38 mm being the sweet spot. Also, the shorter the lug to lug the distance, the better.

Jump to a specific type of watch:

Everyday watches

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto
Hamilton Khaki Field Auto
Check the price on Amazon
Size38 mm
Approx. Price$400 – Check it on Amazon

This gorgeous timepiece is a throwback to the tool watches used by the army during WW2 (hence the “field” part in the name).

It has a lot going on: a fine outer minute track, hour markers in both normal and military notation, the seconds hand with a bright red tip that pops and an easy-to-grab crown to set it.

It’s Swiss Made and is water resistant up to 100 m, so you can rest assured that this watch can come with you no matter what. Last but not least, the reddish brown leather strap is of high quality.

A nice package for everyday use!

Check the Hamilton Khaki Field Auto price (on Amazon)

Seiko SARB033

Size38 mm
Approx. Price$490 – Check it on Amazon

The SARB033 is a fine Japanese timepiece that is simple and timeless. But one of the most attractive featured has got to be the raised part of the lugs, giving it a really distinctive, classy look.

The polishing and brushing of the case are of high quality. If you’re not too keen on black dials, you can get it with a cream dial under the SARB035 reference. (Check my full review of the Seiko SARB035)

Both are very well rounded everyday watches that you could wear with a t-shirt and jeans or with a suit (if you swap the bracelet for a strap).

The cherry on the cake, it’s water resistant to 100 m, which makes it the ideal companion for just about every situation.

Unfortunately, it’s now discontinued… but still available, so grab one while you still can!

Check the Seiko SARB033 price (on Amazon)

Skagen Hald

Size34 mm
Approx. Price$100 – Check it on Amazon

Don’t be fooled: it may be branded as a women’s watch, but it sure looks killer on a man with smaller wrists. Its small 34 mm size is balanced by its very large, all dial crystal and tall roman numerals.

Sporting a quartz movement, it’s super lightweight and you won’t notice it after just a few minutes of wearing it – a real pleasure for an everyday driver.

It’s classy thanks to its thin case and mesh bracelet but will look the absolute business on a t-shirt and jeans outfit.

Who needs a seconds hand when this watch is all about confidence and statement? Nobody, since it looks so good.

Check the Skagen Hald price (on Amazon)

Tudor Black Bay 36

Tudor Black Bay 36
Tudor Black Bay 36
Check the price on Amazon
Size36 mm
Approx. Price$2,200 – Check it on Amazon

If you’re into dive watches but want something that you can wear every day and all day, this beautiful Tudor Black Bay might be the one for you. It’s manly, super stylish and incredibly versatile.

Those hands really set it apart, not looking like all the other everyday watches out there. Even if it’s a luxurious brand, it’s still affordable and will get a few nods from watch geeks – always a nice conversation starter.

This watch pairs beautifully on the distressed leather strap pictured here, but you can get it on a bracelet if that’s more your vibe

And even if I prefer bracelets, I would have a hard time picking one over the other!

Check the Tudor Black Bay 36 price (on Amazon)

Citizen Stiletto

Size38 mm
Approx. Price$245 – Check it on Amazon

That dial! Phew, it looks gorgeous.

I don’t know if I prefer the textured sunburst part of the center of the dial or that concentric track running under the indices. It just looks classy and, for some reason, confident.

It’s a very balanced piece: the dauphine hands, delicate dial, and rugged bracelet make it a perfect watch for any occasion. I especially like the crown shaped as a hexagon; a nice touch.

Wear it daily and you will never have to think about changing the battery of the quartz movement.

This gorgeous watch houses Citizen’s Eco-Drive movement, which is charged when the watch is placed in light (any light).

This Stiletto is all about under the radar but over the moon!

Check the Citizen Stiletto price (on Amazon)

Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto

Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto
Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto
Check the price on Amazon
Size40 mm
Approx. Price$580 – Check it on Amazon

This Hamilton is part of those incredible everyday watches that you can wear with every thing, in any occasion.

The water resistance rating is not the greatest at 5 bar (50 m). But you get a modified ETA 2834-2 automatic movement, a great case size of 40 mm, an appropriate lug width of 20 mm and a sapphire crystal.

Yet the beauty of this watch lies in the dial in my opinion. That super simple sunburst dial with (lumed !) dauphine hands looks beautiful.

Also, you have timeless hour markers that look gorgeous. But the real beauty is the day full display at 12 o’clock.

Let’s face it: that dial window at the top of the dial is pretty rare to find in affordable watches, but they look so good that anyone should have a watch like this one in their collection!

Check the Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto price (on Amazon)

Timex Weekender

Size38 mm
Approx. PriceFrom $35 – Check it on Amazon

Believe it or not, this unpretending and affordable piece from Timex will give you a lot of satisfaction.

You get a perfect field watch for everyday use that is light and stylish. Yet, it adds that bit of flair with that smart looking NATO striped strap and blue seconds hand.

But don’t be fooled. Unless you’re swimming, this watch will your companion day and night: it features Timex’s unique Indiglo dial illumination. Push that crown and read the time in the middle of the night like no other.

Makes a great gift as well. My brother liked mine so much that I gave him on the spot. Get yours too!

Check the Timex Weekender price (on Amazon)

Rolex Explorer

Size39 mm
Approx. Price$6,750 – Check it on Amazon

What can we say about the Rolex Explorer that hasn’t been said a million times? It’s hard to present you what is arguably the most iconic everyday watch ever.

Now, if you liked the older 36 mm version, this one looks just as good. With the added size and heft as a bonus. Yet, it still wears like a dream on smaller wrists.

But talking about the size of this watch is an insult. Look at this gorgeous dial with those Arabic numerals at 3, 6 and 9, rectangle hour indices and iconic Mercedes hands.

Notably absent is the date, which makes this package even more attractive. And this 39 mm version looks the business with those beautiful fat lugs.

Not to talk about the quality of the finishing or the in-house movement. Really, if you can afford it, just don’t think twice. It’s a cracking piece.

Check the Rolex Explorer price (on Amazon)

Casio MTP-1302D

Size38 mm
Approx. Price$35 – Check it on Amazon

This watch is ridiculous. I mean, come on: look at the design, the specs, and then the price. Only Casio can make such a cool looking watch for such an affordable price.

It has a very cool Rolex Datejust vibe going on with its fluted bezel and hands. But it still manages to do its own thing.

I picked the one with the silver sunburst dial and gold hour markers, but it looks great in any other colorway as well.

Now, its a quartz piece, so you get the best of all worlds: its cheap, small and thin, light and it will be your trusty companion for many years.

I could see this being your only watch if that’s your style since it can handle pretty much any occasion from dressy events to a super casual going out evening.

A real champ!

Check the Casio MTP-1302D price (on Amazon)

Rolex Datejust 36

Rolex Datejust 36
Rolex Datejust 36
Check the price on Amazon
Size36 mm
Approx. PriceFrom $6,000 – Check it on Amazon

A classic among the classics, the Datejust is one of those watches who keeps its appeal throughout the ages. This could be the only watch you’ll ever get, and you can be certain that it will be a great legacy piece for your family.

I really like this version, with its striking blue dial that plays nicely with the light. If you want to go all-in, then get it with the iconic fluted bezel and a jubilee bracelet, like pictured.

If you want something toned down, the combinations of this watch are endless: choose your favorite size, bezel (soft, fluted or engine-turned), dial color, hour markers, and bracelet.

There sure is a version for you out there.

Check the Rolex Datejust 36 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SNKL45

Size37 mm
Approx. Price$140 – Check it on Amazon

What a cool piece. This watch has everything a small wrist is looking for, and then some.

The case and crown position are what most hits me when I look at this watch. Paired with that thick bezel, and you get a very manly combo that will rock any outfit, from business to casual.

Of course, you also get a crazy beautiful black sunburst dial that reflects direct light like no other watch and an in-house automatic movement that will last decades if you service it every 5-10 years (yup, they are tough).

I think the bracelet really elevates the whole piece and makes it a trusty companion for every occasion.

Check the Seiko SNKL45 price (on Amazon)

Omega Aqua Terra 150 m Co-Axial Master Chronometer

omega aqua terra 38 white
Omega Aqua Terra 38
Check the price on Amazon
Size38 mm
Approx. Price$4,600 – Check it on Amazon

The Omega Aqua Terra 150 M Co-Axial Master Chronometer is a gorgeous timepiece that is available in many different variations: dial color, outer track color, seconds hand color, on strap or bracelet…

I thought I just might go with that simple yet contrasty and elegant white and black combo

It’s part of the Seamaster collection, yet it’s not a pure diving watch – as the “Terra” points (“Earth” in Latin). Yet it still can withstand depths of 150 m without a hitch.

Its beautiful twisted lugs are very distinctive of Omega and delicately underline the smooth bezel. The caliber 8500 movement can be seen through the transparent case back so that you can enjoy both sides of your new precious piece.

I love this watch!

Check the Omega Aqua Terra 150 m price (on Amazon)


Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38

Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38
Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38
Check the price on Amazon
Size38 mm
Approx. Price$5,800 – Check it on Amazon

Breitling is known for their aviation watches, which are big most of the time. Chronographs are known to be big watches as well – you have to house that complex mechanical movement somewhere, right?

So when you stumble upon a Breitling Chronograph that is gorgeous and that is only 38 mm in size, you *have* to take a look at it.

The black dial and cleans hands and hour indexes make it a very classy and classic timepiece, not dissimilar to the Omega Speedmaster – only in a smaller package. You get a 100 m water resistance and Swiss Made watch that will make many men envious.

It’s a pure class watch for skinny wrists that is manly, period.

Check the Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38 price (on Amazon)

Pilot watches

Seiko SNK805

Size37 mm
Approx. Price$70 – Check it on Amazon

It’s called by many “the gateway drug to mechanical and automatic watches“. Why? This piece is from a reputable watchmaker, comes with an in-house movement, and is dirt cheap. And it comes in a super small-wrists friendly case of 37 mm.

You may have seen this watch in black all over the internet, but I think the military green is the winner here (it’s available in blue and gray as well, if that’s more your thing).

Being a pilot watch, it’s a tool primarily designed for a job: keeping pilots aware of time. That green aesthetics with a woven bracelet is perfect and works from business smart attire to casual outfits.

You really can’t go wrong with this one… just remember, once you’re addicted to mechanical watches, you never go back!

Check the Seiko SNK805 price (on Amazon)

Citizen Promaster Nighthawk

Citizen Promaster Nighthawk
Citizen Promaster Nighthawk
Check the price on Amazon
Size42 mm
Approx. Price$190 – Check it on Amazon

Citizen’s Promaster series proposes many variations, but this is arguably the most iconic one.

It wears big with its 42 mm case size, almost all of which is the crystal. But it still fits on small wrists thanks to its small hour markers circle and short lug to lug distance (under 47 mm!).

This watch screams “trips !” for me: the slide rule allows you to convert currencies on the fly and that gorgeous red and white hand will keep you connected to your home time.

The dial covers a solar cell which will make this watch run forever if you wear it daily. And if you don’t, it recharges in just a few dozens of minutes in the sunlight.

What more do you want?

Check the Citizen Promaster Nighthawk price (on Amazon)

You might want to check my list of small GMT watches, as they are part of the pilot watches family too!

Dive watches

Seiko SKX013

Size38 mm
Approx. Price$250 – Check it on Amazon

The iconic Seiko SKXOO7’s little brother (or sister) at 38 mm.

This watch has a large following among watch enthusiasts, for a few reasons. It’s fun, beautiful, iconic and the sealing gasket is no joke.

I went swimming with the crown not screwed in (yeah, I know…), and it came out of my carelessness like new. (Read my full review of the Seiko SKX013)

I really like the seconds hand compared to the SKX007, with its pointy arrow. It’s on the thicker side of watches though, but it’s built like a tank and looks toolish and amazing.

But I like it nonetheless, and it’s surprisingly versatile thanks to its jubilee bracelet. A must-have!

Check the Seiko SKX013 price (on Amazon)

Marathon Diver Quartz Medium

Marathon Diver Quartz Medium
Marathon Diver Quartz Medium
Check the price on Amazon
Size36 mm
Approx. Price$600 – Check it on Amazon

Like tool watches and dive watches? Look no further. This Marathon is no joke, and it shows in its incredible specs.

It is manufactured in accordance with US Government Specification. The lume is self-illuminated at all times thanks to its tritium gas tubes. And you get a crazy thick 3 mm sapphire crystal, which will stand pretty much any abuse.

Being a diver, it also has a 300 m water resistance rating – you probably won’t ever need more than this.

All in a super wearable 36 mm case, which is almost impossible to find in dive watches (they almost all have 38 mm cases or more). Small wrists will definitely love this piece.

And it’s not done yet: beautiful dial and bezel, ETA high-torque Quartz movement with End-of-Life indicator and Italian made rubber straps in black.

I mean, come on: what else could possibly need?

Check the Marathon Diver Quartz Medium price (on Amazon)

Invicta Pro Diver

Invicta Pro Diver
Invicta Pro Diver
Check the price on Amazon
Size40 mm
Approx. Price$85 – Check it on Amazon

I get it: you want the Rolex Submariner look without the price tag. There are many options on the market, but this Invicta is a great choice for a super affordable price.

I just don’t understand all the hate about this watch: the case is very well finished, you get a hacking and hand winding Seiko movement, and it looks good with its throwback “nipple” dial (because of the small hour markers).

You can get it in steel or two-tone (steel and gold), both with a black or a blue dial and bezel.

But I thought I would go all gold (plated) with this one because, hey: why not? Not every day can you find good-looking dive watches in gold.

Don’t sweat it: this watch will give your small wrist a lot of pleasure and presence for a very affordable price.

Check the Invicta Pro Diver price (on Amazon)

Orient Ray 2

Size41.5 mm
Approx. Price$145 – Check it on Amazon

This has got to be one of the most praised timepieces to compete against the usual suspects in dive watches: the Seiko SKX and the Rolex Submariner.

This lovely Orient Ray is not a rip off of any of those. It’s its own thing, and that’s the beauty of it.

The bezel, fonts, indices, hands… they’re all different from the Sub and the SKX – which makes it a perfect addition if you are tired of the classics.

What you get is a terrific watch with great specs: 200 m water resistance thanks to its screw-down crown and an in-house movement. Orient is owned by Seiko, so you shouldn’t be too worried about it: this movement is built like a tank.

Also, 41.5 mm might seem big but the bezel is smaller than that, and the lug to lug distance sits at a very reasonable 46 mm – which is comfortable and good looking for small wrists.

But the real value of this watch is its price and crazy blue dial. It might seem almost black in a dim interior.

But put in direct sunlight and boy will you fall in love with it! That blue, almost indigo sunburst dial is to die for.

Check the Orient Ray 2 price (on Amazon)

Dress watches

Frederique Constant Slimline

Frederique Constant Slimline
Frederique Constant Slimline
Check the price on Amazon
Size37 mm
Approx. Price$300 – Check it on Amazon

Frederique Constant is one of those brands on the rise. If you haven’t heard of them yet, or if you haven’t gotten yourself a watch from their catalog, now is the time.

I tend to like automatic watches and mechanical watches a lot, but this piece packs a lot of punch thanks to its quartz movement.

It is super affordable and the movement can be housed in a super thin case – hence the name.

What you get is a great looking dress watch that will last you a very long time without having to touch the battery every year (there is no seconds hand), a crazy beautiful silver dial that matches every outfit.

And I would argue that, even with its low 30 mm water resistance, this can be – with a bit of caution – be worn casually or every day.

There’s a certain charm to wearing a more refined piece every day – and this Frederique Constant Slimline is definitely one of those watches that can pull it off.

Check the Frederique Constant Slimline price (on Amazon)

Mido Baroncelli Heritage

Mido Baroncelli Heritage
Mido Baroncelli Heritage
Check the price on Amazon
Size33 mm
Approx. Price$680 – Check it on Amazon

Maybe you haven’t heard of Mido, but its a Swiss Made watch brand that makes great pieces. Like this Baroncelli Heritage.

It may be a 39 mm watch, but it wears rather big thanks to its all-dial design. So if you like bigger watches for your small wrists, this is the one for you.

The water resistance is only 30 m, but you get an automatic movement, a sapphire crystal, and a great leather strap.

But this watch shines somewhere else: its design. The blued seconds hand contrasts nicely with the white textured dial.

The simple yet sophisticated hour markers and the slim height make it a perfect companion as a dress or business watch.

This one won’t ever go out of style. It’s timeless and classic and beautiful. You’ll love it.

Check the Mido Baroncelli Heritage price (on Amazon)

Junghans Max Bill

Junghans Max Bill
Junghans Max Bill
Check the price on Amazon
Size34 mm
Approx. Price$675 – Check it on Amazon

Can we really talk about dress watches without talking about the Junghans Max Bill? Of course not.

This watches has it all: it’s understated, it looks gorgeous with its white dial, and you get that magnificent Bauhaus style with super simple hour indices, minutes markers, and hands.

Yet, this timepiece feels totally at home when worn casually. Because it’s all dial with no bezel, it wears quite big.

This will make for a killer everyday watch as well. Many won’t even notice it, but watch enthusiasts will congratulate you on it.

Even if this tends to be a dress watch, it can be worn on any occasion and will make a great piece to give to your (adult) child.

Check the Junghans Max Bill price (on Amazon)

Hamilton Intra-Matic

Hamilton Intra-Matic
Hamilton Intra-Matic
Check the price on Amazon
Size38 mm
Approx. Price$650 – Check it on Amazon

This elegant piece comes in a stainless steel or gold PVD: the choice is yours. But both come with this gorgeous light silver sunburst dial – which in my opinion makes this variation shine compared to the black dial.

Note the simple hour markers lines and the absence of the seconds hand, mimicking the style of watches from the 60s.

It may look vintage, but its 38 mm size and great ETA 2892-2 movement definitely make it a modern watch that feels at home on casual or formal outfits alike.

If simplicity is your thing, this is as good as a watch can get. Just get one now.

Check the Hamilton Intra-Matic price (on Amazon)

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Patek Philippe Calatrava
Patek Philippe Calatrava
Check the price on Amazon
Size36 mm
Approx. Price$13,900 – Check it on Amazon

The one and only. The king (or queen?) of all dress watches. The Patek Philippe Calatrava doesn’t need any introduction.

It’s probably the most iconic dress watch ever made because it has it all: understated look, thin case, precious metal, fine bezel, delicate hands (without lume!), Roman numerals…

Everything about this watch screams “class” to me. You just can’t go wrong with a dial so simple, yet so beautiful.

You even get that lovely small second that is to die for. And you know what? This watch looks awesome with a tuxedo but feels equally at home with a casual outfit.

A masterpiece, no more, no less.

Check the Patek Philippe Calatrava price (on Amazon)

Electronic watches

Casio F91W

Size33 mm
Approx. Price$10 – Check it on Amazon

This fun little electronic timepiece was introduced in 1991 (hence the number) and has traveled through time up to today.

You just can’t go any more electronic vintage than this. With its small 35 mm case size, it will suit the smaller wrists out there. Yet, it’s a rugged watch that can take a beating and is happy to go underwater up to 30 m.

For less than 15 dollars, you’re getting an iconic watch from an iconic brand that can work up to 10 years with one single battery.

It may be cheap to get and maintain, but boy does it deliver. Skinny-wrists friendly and a true classic.

Check the Casio F91W price (on Amazon)

Timex Ironman Classic

Timex Ironman Classic
Timex Ironman Classic
Check the price on Amazon
Size38 mm
Approx. Price$40 – Check it on Amazon

Believe it or not, this Timex has really earned its “classic” name.

Casio might be the first brand that comes to mind when you think of electronic watches, but this one is just as respectable.

For a small price, you get a very rugged watch that is water resistant up to 100 m. Counter timer, alarm, chronograph, distinctive looks and acclaimed Timex Indiglo dial illumination system comes as standard.

But the real difference of this Timex over other electronic watches is the 30 lap memory that allows you to review your workout session like a pro.

A real workout partner.

Check the Timex Ironman Classic price (on Amazon)

Casio G-Shock GW-M5610

casio gw m5610 1aer
casio gw m5610 1aer
Check the price on Amazon
Size43 mm
Approx. Price$90 – Check it on Amazon

Its full name? Casio G-Shock GW-M5610-1BJF Solar Digital Multi Band 6. It’s quite a mouthful, but it says it all.

The dial is surrounded by small solar panels so that you will never have to change the battery.

And it the integrated, super handy radio-controlled system means setting the time is a thing of the past. The watch syncs up every night to an atomic clock. Plus you can trigger the syncing on demand when you get off a plane for example.

(Check my full review of the Casio G-Shock GW-M5610.)

The 43 mm might seem huge but this is the case width; the actual height measures about 33 mm.

Check the Casio G-Shock GW-M5610 price (on Amazon)

Casio A168WA – 32 mm

Size32 mm
Approx. Price$20 – Check it on Amazon

If you like small vintage electronic watches that look the absolute business, you *have* to get a Casio A168WA now!

Or any other reference for that matter: it is available in any combination of black, gold or steel you can think of – for the case, dial or bracelet. There is simply no way for you not to find the perfect model for you.

It may be cheap, but it packs a lot of punch. Its quartz electronic module lasts forever. It has a luminous dial, an alarm and a chronograph. And of course, you get a perpetual calendar.

But this piece gets even better when you look at its size and weight. Being only 32 mm and made of plastic, you won’t even notice you wear a watch. A perfect daily wearer.

But you’ll get great looks and a lot of enjoyment by strapping this baby on your (smaller) wrist. So why not get more than one?

Check the Casio A168WA price (on Amazon)