The Slender Wrist is all about giving you the best tips, trick, and reviews about men’s watches for small wrists.

Hi, my name is Alessandro, and I’m a watch addict.

I became a watch enthusiast somewhere around in 2015. I didn’t know about it back then, but this is when I got addicted.

I began to read A LOT about watches on forums, and spent almost all my time on YouTube to find reviews, VS and general watch info videos.

Fortunately, I didn’t go all-in at that time by buying 10 watches in a row. (it happened 1 year after, d’oh!)

Why? Back in 2015, I really didn’t feel great about spending money on multiple watches.

I mean: who needs more than one watch? Hell, who needs a watch altogether? The time is readily and freely available on your smartphone or computer, right?

How I became a proper watch enthusiast

I can clearly remember on July 1, 2016 – I was headed to London for a business meeting (departing from Brussels, Belgium). We had to take the Eurostar train and I was the first of my company to be at the meeting point at the station.

So I went for a little window-shopping. Watches, specifically. And there it was: a Tissot PR100 Chronograph with a silver dial. I took a picture of this watch and is still in my Google Photos account!

I really liked this watch, and I thought to myself: what the hell, I’m gonna get it at some point, even if I don’t need another watch.

Back from London, this is where my addiction got serious. Not one day would pass without spending multiple hours on watch forums – more specifically, WatchUSeek forums and the Affordable Watches Forum (remember, spending money on a watch was still a big no no). Also, I watched hours of videos about watches on YouTube.

I just couldn’t stop anymore.

My first proper watch

Funnily enough, that Tissot PR100 – a great watch in and of itself – wasn’t my first watch. In fact, I never bought it.

Becoming more and more aware about watches, I discovered the beauty of automatic watches. That sweeping seconds hand and the actual mechanism that is powered by the movement of your wrist: I fell in love instantaneously.

And after a shortish research (I was in the hobby for more than a year at this point), I bought my first proper watch: an Orient Ray II with the blue bezel.

It was so new that it wasn’t available in Europe. So I had it shipped from Miami, which is where I found one on eBay. Yeah, it costed me a lot – don’t do that, wait for a good deal.

And to this day, I still own it… in black 😉 My brother has the blue one, I really didn’t warm up to that colorway.

Buying big watches without knowing better

At that point, I really only had 3 watches: an Orient Ray II, an Aquaswiss Classic 5 (if you don’t know this brand, that’s normal… nobody does) and a Timex Expedition.

The thing is: I got lucky every time I got a watch. I was lucky enough to get watches that would suit my tiny wrist, without me knowing it. In fact, I never ever thought a watch could be too big for me.

But inevitably, what should have happened happened: helped by the ever-growing trend of manufacturers selling bigger and bigger watches, I bought a watch that was too big for me.

That was a Fossil Machine Chronograph FS4662. 45 mm in diameter, 52 mm lug to lug distance (if I remember correctly), 24 mm lug width… I mean, this thing was huge on my 6 inch wrist. It felt heavy – both in size and weight.

But to make things worse, over the course of a few months, I bought several more watches that were too big for me:

  • Casio Edifice EFR 302 – I LOVE this watch but 50 mm in diameter, I mean, COME ON!
  • Alpha Planet Ocean – 42 mm and flat lugs
  • Seiko SNZG15 – 50 mm lug to lug distance
  • Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military MKII – 42 mm and flat lugs

The more I bought watches (too many of them actually), the more a pattern emerged. There was something wrong with those watches. I mean, why would they all feel and look so large?

How I discovered I have small wrists

And then I started to wonder: is the problem the watches… or my wrists?

So I went on to find the answer, and it appeared that having 6 inch wrists is clearly below average. Way below.

I noticed that I have small wrists when I was a teenager, then completely forgot about it. And I really didn’t think about it until 9 months into my full-on addiction. But now it bothered me to death.

And it took a toll on me, too. I mean, it didn’t feel good to becoming conscious that I wasn’t going to enjoy my passion because of my smaller wrists. That sucks, right?

Well… not really.

First and foremost, becoming conscious that I had to find smaller watches for me lead me to this discovery: there aren’t that many. So benefit #1 is that I get to buy less watches.

But the benefit #2 is the most important one: accepting who I am and dealing with my small wristsThis has got to be the most important part of my journey. Understanding that we’re not all “made the same way” and that’s okay.

Hell, I also noticed that people don’t care about what watch I’m wearing… let alone the size of wrist. It was all in my head.

How I decided to act upon my small wrists

Even if many men complained about having small wrists on forums, there really wasn’t any resource available out there – a website, a YouTube channel, anything – to help them out. Virtually nothing.

Yet, after reading hundreds of forums posts, watching videos on YouTube, buying many watches that won’t fit me, and experiencing having small wrists first hand, I started to really understand what works and what doesn’t on my small wrists.

Because yes, having small wrists doesn’t mean your passion for watches will suffer from it. Not at all.

So I decided to create The Slender Wrist – a website, YouTube channel and Instagram account that are all about giving you the best tips, trick, and reviews about men’s watches for small wrists.

So if you’re a small-wristed watch enthusiast, or just happen to prefer smaller watches, you’ve come to the right place. And in any case, welcome!