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Top 15 Best Seiko 5 Watches: Stylish, Automatic, and Affordable!

Are Seiko 5 watches any good? Seiko 5 watches are great. They offer tremendous value for money. They look good, they feature rock-solid movements, and they’re from one of the world’s most highly regarded brand in horology.

But most importantly: they are affordable.

But where do you start? There are hundreds of Seiko 5 watches out there, and it might take you ages before finding the ones that look the best. Not to worry: you’ve come exactly to the right place!

Here are the best Seiko 5 watches (jump to a specific model by clicking below or just scroll to discover them):

Seiko SNKL45

Probably the best everyday watch from the Seiko 5 line.

Size37 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance30 m
Approx. Price$150 – Check on Amazon

When I get asked “what is the best Seiko 5?”, my answer in invariably the SNKL45.

The style is very reminiscent of the Seiko SARB033, or the SARB035 if you happen to like light dials – in which case you want to check out the Seiko SNKL41 (Amazon link, harder to get).

It has a magnificent black sunburst dial that plays with the light like no other. This is the kind of design cues you just can’t find in other brands for the same price. With an added pop of color with that playful red seconds hand.

With its 37 mm case, it suits every wrist on the planet. But you also get the 01V0 case which is the best looking and the most comfortable you can get for a Seiko 5.

40 hours of power reserve and 30 m of water resistance is nothing to write about. But the overall feel is. It is at the same time subdued and enjoyable to look at. So much so that it could very well be your daily wearer.

And it should! For less than $150, there’s just nothing else like it on the market. Pick one now, you’ll be happy you did! Check the Seiko SNKL45 (on Amazon)

Seiko SNZG15

One of the best field watches available today.

Size42 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance100 m
Approx. Price$110 – Check on Amazon

On to something different: the best field watch from the Seiko 5 line.

The SNZG15 is renowned among watch enthusiasts for being an excellent piece if you’re looking for something rugged, with a military design, and with great value for money.

At 42 mm, it certainly won’t disappear on your wrist. Yet the overall black color and bead blasted case won’t make it shout either. It hits the perfect spot between being functional and versatile.

But the reason why so many love it is because of its bold, no-nonsense Arabic numeral, military time, straightforward design and red tip on the seconds hands.

Top this package off with a 7S36 movement and 100 m of water resistance, and for just a bit more than $100, you’re ready to go and tackle your day. Check the Seiko SNZG15 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SNXS79K

A great affordable Rolex Datejust alternative.

seiko snxs79
The Seiko SNXS79K
Check the price on Amazon
Size37 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance30 m
Approx. Price$150 – Check on Amazon

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the all-mighty Seiko SNXS79K.

The picture really doesn’t do it any justice. Not only is this watch a great alternative to the Rolex Datejust. But it doesn’t feel shy doing so!

The grey sunburst dial on this thing is an absolute beauty. I bet you will not be able to take it off your wrist. The way that dial plays (inside and outside) is perfectly balanced with the simple yet elegant baton hands and rectangular hour markers.

The case is not its selling point. The flat lugs make it look a bit awkward for smaller wrists. But if you happen to have 6.5+ inch wrists, you’re good to go – its 37 mm size suits pretty much everybody.

And try it on a Nato strap! The lugs won’t be an issue anymore, and it will completely change the look of this incredible piece. Check the Seiko SNXS79K price (on Amazon)

Seiko SRPC61

A great alternative to the Seiko Tuna.

Size45 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance100 m
Approx. Price$170 – Check on Amazon

Watch enthusiasts nicknamed the Seiko SRPC61 one the “Bottle cap”. And you can tell why, right?

This bold diver is not for the faint-hearted: with a 45 mm case and small bezel, it certainly won’t look small. But the short 47 mm lug to lug distance makes it surprisingly wearable for smaller wrists (check out the watch size guide to understand why this works).

This diver is reminiscent to the Seiko Tuna line, yet has its own special character.

Sword hands, big hour indices generously filled with lume, rotating bezel with markings every minute and contrasting black and white day / date wheels: this design screams rugged.

On this one, you get a 4R36 movement which allows hacking and hand-winding – always a plus when you’re setting your watch.

And with 100 m of water resistance, you don’t have to fear about splashes or even surface swimming: it’s good to go.

If you like bold, rugged pieces but don’t want to spend a fortune, you can get this one for less than $170… a steal really, as I suspect it will become collectible! Check the Seiko SRPC61 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SNKE01

An excellent affordable alternative to the Rolex Explorer II.

Size37 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance50 m
Approx. Price$120 – Check on Amazon

The Seiko SNKE01 is a very cool-looking watch, and it has that distinctive steel bezel with engraved Arabic numerals. That really gives this watch a Rolex Explorer II vibe, without the price tag.

This piece is all about versatile ruggedness. It’s clearly a sporty watch, but not so much so that you can’t wear it in a board room. It’s subdued, but not so much so that it becomes boring.

Riding that fine line is not easy. Yet the SNKE01 rides it no problem thanks to its perfectly proportioned bezel, hour indices and very nice looking dauphine hands.

A note about the integrated bracelet: you won’t be able to change it for a third party strap or bracelet. But to me, this is not a problem as this watch shines on a more sporty steel bracelet anyway.

Again, it’s one of those pieces from the Seiko 5 line which could very well be your one and only watch. With 50 m of water resistance, it won’t be able to withstand surface swimming, but it isn’t afraid of rain and hands washing.

For just a hair under $120, this watch is great little hidden gem. Get it before it’s discontinued! Check the Seiko SNKE01 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SRPB21

A colorful watch with a turtle case.

Size45 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance100 m
Approx. Price$150 – Check on Amazon

This SRPB21 is a very peculiar watch: it has design cues from a super compressor diver and a racing watch at the same time.

These two styles blend in a 45 mm turtle case, which will clearly make this watch pop on any wrist. So much so that you don’t want to try it if you have a sub 6.5 inch wrist

Did anyone say colorful? You get a blue sunburst dial (with a black chapter ring, which is quite rare), an orange Nato strap and a red seconds hand.

And it doesn’t stop there: the white minute track make the whole design pop. This sporty piece is all about being a colorful, playful everyday companion.

Packed with a hacking a hand-winding movement and 100 m of water resistance, it’s ready for being worn all day, every day.

Life is too short to wear boring watches… and this one certainly isn’t! Check the Seiko SRPB21 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SNKK27

Racing theme with a colorful palette.

Size38.5 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance30 m
Approx. Price$65 – Check on Amazon

You don’t see this one a lot on YouTube or online either. Yet it has a very interesting color palette and design.

The cues from the racing world is obvious: that orangish yellow minute track running from 12 to 4 really makes this one stand apart. And it’s nicely matched by the colored seconds hand.

But what makes it really interesting are those Arabic numerals by 5 minutes increments and the blue dial that really contrast with the yellow accents.

Yet this one doesn’t scream. With a 38.5mm case size, it’s the perfect size for big and small wrists alike. And the thick steel bezel keeps the whole style in check, making for a very balanced design overall.

I happen to like the metal bracelet. But if you don’t, pop it on a blue Nato strap or Cordura strap with contrasting stitching, and it will completely change the look of this already great looking timepiece. All this for around $65! Check the Seiko SNKK27 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SNZH57

A great Blancpain Fifty Fathoms alternative.

Size41 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance100 m
Approx. Price$150 – Check on Amazon

Aaaah the SNZH57… my first watch crush! When I saw that design, I immediately fell in love.

What’s not to like about this watch? The gold accents make the whole piece pop, while still being appropriate for many situations. Those shiny hour markers are balanced by the pilot hands… a combination you really don’t see every day on a dive watch.

But the real star of the show is the bezel insert: the Arabic numerals peak through a transparent layer, which immediately gives this watch a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms look.

So much so that many watch enthusiasts use this SNZH57 as the base for a mod called the “Fifty Five Fathoms”, swapping the dial (among other things) to make it look more like the Blancpain icon.

But if you’re not into modding, it’s just as good as it gets out of the box. And with a shortish lug to lug distance, it still can work on smaller wrists.

This watch is still a perfect example of what the Seiko 5 line has best to offer. 100 m of water resistance, rugged movement, incredible design, all that for around $150. Check the Seiko SNZH57 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SNK809

Probably the best small pilot watch on a budget.

Size37 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance30 m
Approx. Price$85 – Check on Amazon

If you don’t know the Seiko SNK809, you might have been hiding under a rock for the past few years.

Seriously, it’s all over the place: you can read great review about this unpretending piece on YouTube and on dedicated websites. For a reason: it’s the perfect gateway watch if you’re getting into automatic watches.

Not only the SNK809 is very affordable and offers an automatic movement for only $85, but it’s one of the most enjoyable and versatile pieces out there.

The hour and minute hands, along with the Arabic numerals presented in 5 minutes increments, clearly make this one a pilot watch.

But if you like flieger watches (German pilot watches from the WWII period), you know how difficult it is to find a pilot watch smaller than 42 mm.

Well, the SNK809 is one of them. With a case of only 37 mm, it will make any man with small wrist happy. And a lot of people with 7+ inch wrists report rocking this one and enjoying it a lot.

There are many variations to this watch – you can have it with a black, blue, green and cream dial, and a matching canvas strap. But my favorite is pictured here: on a stainless steel bracelet.

It’s already an icon. Get yours before it increases in price! Check the Seiko SNK809 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SNZF17

A great Rolex Submariner alternative.

Size41 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance100 m
Approx. Price$140 – Check on Amazon

Yet another icon from Seiko: the SNZF17, that you may know under the nickname of “Sea Urchin”.

For only $140, the Sea Urchin packs a lot of punch: a tried and tested automatic movement, 100 m of water resistance and a rotating bezel (making it a watch suitable for surface swimming).

But these are not the only reasons why watch enthusiasts love this one so much. Not only does this watch look great in and of itself, but it makes for a perfectly fine Rolex Submariner alternative.

If you like the Submariner, this one definitely has the same vibe while being its own thing.

The hands, chapter ring and bezel insert really set it apart and doesn’t make it look like a straight copy (check out more Rolex Submariner alternatives).

There is also a version with a Pepsi bezel (red and blue, the Seiko SNZF15 – Amazon link), but I really like the monotone, tool look from this all-black colorway.

In any case, you just can’t go wrong – this is one of the coolest affordable Seiko diver. Check the Seiko SNZF17 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SRP513

Mixing cues from field and pilot watches, with added presence.

Size42 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance100 m
Approx. Price$225 – Check on Amazon

Sometimes, you come across a great watch… that nobody seems to know about. The SRP513 is one of them.

Clearly, you don’t get this one for its subdued appearance. At 42 mm in size and with a small bezel, it definitely has a lot of presence on any wrist.

And it’s in keeping with the overall theme of the watch: a mix between a pilot and a field watch.

The hands and 5 minutes increments on the minute track makes it a pilot watch. But the big hour markers and military time on the bezel makes it a field watch. If you can’t choose which style suits you best… pick both!

Being an air and earth watch doesn’t mean it’s afraid of water: it is water resistant to 100 m, so surface swimming is allowed no problem.

Add a hacking and hand-winding movement, and you got yourself a pretty sweet piece that is ready for adventure… if you are.Check the Seiko SRP513 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SNK393

A great affordable Rolex Explorer alternative.

Size37 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance30 m
Approx. Price$115 – Check on Amazon

Introducing the Seiko SNK393 – a great everyday watch with a very sensible, enjoyable design.

If you’re not into loud pieces, then this one is definitely for you. The hands and hour indices make it fly under the radar.

What you might not notice though, are the grooves running under the hour indices. And all of a sudden, this watch goes from almost boring to subtly sparkling.

When the light hits the dial with that perfect angle, it becomes an almost playful design, and you won’t be able to not stare at it.

As if it wasn’t enough, it features the best Seiko 5 case out there, with a great shape and bezel – not to mention it’s comfortable on the wrist all day long.

And the 37 mm size makes it an instant favorite among small-wristed watch enthusiasts. And for around $115, you can join the party, too! Check the Seiko SNK393 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SRPA89

Vintage racing design on a budget.

Size45 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance100 m
Approx. Price$260 – Check on Amazon

Who said vintage watches didn’t look sexy? I mean look at this thing: it’s a home run!

The SRPA89 as a strong vintage vibe, racing style. The intricate yellow colorful minute track and checkered green sunburst dial leave no doubt about its roots. It’s all about speed and performance.

Yet the cushion case and overall aesthetics is a direct throwback to the 70s. Add that stripped Nato strap, and you’re sure to rock a watch not many people know about, let alone wear.

Because with its 45 mm case and bold colors, you really can’t miss this one on any wrist. But it’s not the purpose of this watch, is it?

You also get 100 m of water resistance and a hacking and hand-winding movement, so it’s featured-packed too. Don’t be shy, you know you want one! Check the Seiko SRPA89 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SNK357

For textured dials lovers only!

Size37 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance30 m
Approx. Price$100 – Check on Amazon

If you like Seiko, maybe you know Grand Seiko – it’s the luxury division of the brand. And some Grand Seiko watches are known for their magnificent dials with intricate patterns and textures.

The problem is: they are luxury watches. And as such, they are expensive. This is where the SNK357 comes into play.

To celebrate the Seiko 5 line it’s part of, this watch features a dial embossed with small Seiko 5 logos all over its surface.

Not only it looks different from the vast majority of watches out there, but it plays with the light superbly.

But the playful dial is balanced with a subdued set of hands and hour markers, which makes it suitable as an everyday watch. And you get the best looking 01V0 case from the Seiko 5 line, which is comfortable being only 37 mm in size.

If you like simple models, but like the added pop and interest of a textured dial, then look no further: this $100 timepiece is as good as it gets. Check the Seiko SNK357 price (on Amazon)

Seiko SRP605

A great Seiko Monster alternative.

Size44 mm
Power ReserveApprox. 40 hours
Water Resistance100 m
Approx. Price$180 – Check on Amazon

Let’s warp this list with something bold. And the Seiko SRPB605 certainly doesn’t disappoint here!

It’s big, bold and colorful. It’s rugged and it wants everybody to know it. But not at any cost.

Yes, the bezel is large and has markings every minute – but it’s balanced by the nice clue color. Yes, the hour hand is one the biggest arrow you’ll come across on a watch – but the gold color makes it look more refined, almost luxurious.

Yet, the blue dial plays perfectly with the bezel, both offering a great contrast with the metal case. Finally, it makes a perfect alternative to the nicest Seiko Monsters out there.

Bold, water resistant to 100 m, hacking and hand-winding and still affordable… what are you waiting for? Check the Seiko SRP605 price (on Amazon)

Related Questions

What does Seiko 5 mean? the “5” in Seiko 5 stands for the 5 main features of this line of Seiko watches:

  • self-winding automatic movement
  • unbreakable mainspring
  • shock resistant design
  • day/date complication
  • water resistance.

Are Seiko 5 watches any good? Seiko 5 watches don’t have the best movements and can have sub-par bracelets. But they offer tremendous value for money: these are great affordable automatic watches with a great design, loved by many enthusiasts.

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