Seiko Watches




Minato City, Tokyo, Japan

Average MSRP:

About half of the Seiko lineup is under $500.


Brief History of Seiko


In 1881, Kintaro Hattori owned and operated a watch and clock sales and repair business in Ginza, Tokyo. Eleven years later, he established the Seikosha factory and built and sold clocks. To expand his offerings, he created the Timekeeper in 1895 – a pocket watch that laid the foundation for watchmaking. Shortly after, Hattori created the first Japanese-made wristwatch. 

Hattori sought a new start after a fire demolished the Seikosha factory in 1923. He created the first watch under the Seiko brand for sale in 1924. Since then, Seiko has experienced various successes and milestones. These include creating the first self-winding watch with the brand’s proprietary “magic lever” system, producing the first Japanese diver watch, and the first quartz watch. Seiko continues to be at the forefront of timepiece innovation.

Why We Love Seiko

Seiko is a brand that constantly pushes the technological envelope. The brand’s history is abundant in experimenting with new technologies. Whether you’re looking for a classic, minimalistic piece or something out of the future, there’s a Seiko watch for you. Additionally, we love how accessible the brand is. If you’re budget-conscious or looking to make an investment, you can spend $200 or $260,000.

Last, warranties matter. All Seiko watches purchased from an authorized dealer come with a three-year US and one-year global warranty. Rest assured, you’re covered if something happens with your new watch. 

Our Favorite Seiko Watches

Don’t get caught in the weeds sifting through the 500+ watches that Seiko offers. Here are our three favorite Seiko watches based on budget.

Seiko SUR553 watch with white face and silver band and accents.

TSW Budget Pick: The Seiko SUR553 – $315

If you want something inexpensive with a timeless design, let us introduce you to the Seiko SUR553. It’s a timepiece that reminds us of the Rolex Perpetual. Plus, we love the simple aesthetic. 

The Seiko SUR553 features a stainless steel case and band with a quartz movement. This particular model has a subtly striped white face with Lumi-Brite hands and indices. It’s also water resistant to 10 bar or 100 meters to withstand a little water. This classic watch is perfect for work or to elevate your casual look on the weekend.

Seiko SPB401 watch with black leather strap, white face and blue and red accents.

TSW Mid-Price Pick: The Seiko SPB401 – $1,250

We love a watch that pays tribute to its history, and that’s what you get with the Seiko SPB401. The font and colorway on the face are almost identical to Kintaro Hattori’s first Japanese-made watch, the Laurel. The red “12” and blue hands add a dash of color but aren’t overwhelming. 

While this watch feels very vintage, it has all the luxuries of a modern timepiece. It’s powered by automatic movement with manual winding and has a date hand, power reserve indicator, and stopwatch. You’ll find a window to peek into its inner workings on the back side. While you won’t want to wear this watch in the water, it does have water resistance up to 100 meters. 

A Grand Seiko SBGC251 watch with silver case and band, black face and dial and blue accents.

TSW Splurge Pick: The Seiko SBGC251 – $11,400

Not to be outdone by luxury competitors, Seiko introduced its Grand Seiko line in 1960. Seiko constructed the Seiko SBGC251 and other models in the Grand line with elevated materials and movements. These watches are the best of what Seiko offers. We’re a fan of the SBGC because of its perfect balance of functionality and elegance. Yes, it’s a watch with a sporty aesthetic. But it feels refined with its titanium case and band and glossy black face and dial. 

Seiko powers the SBGC251 with its spring drive watch technology and has a 72-hour power reserve. Not only is this watch water resistant to 100 meters but it’s comprised of allergy-safe metals so anyone can wear it. The Grand Seiko line holds its value exceptionally well, so you will feel good about your investment.


FAQs About Seiko Watches

Let’s provide a little more clarity on Seiko. Here are your most common queries regarding Seiko watches.

Are Seiko Watches Good?

Yes, Seiko produces well-made watches. They are reliable, accurate and innovative. Additionally, you can purchase a Seiko watch at a great price. Seiko backs its watches with a three-year US and one-year global warranty.

Where Are Seiko Watches Made?

Seiko manufactures their watches in Japan. Most watch components are also made in Japan, though Seiko may outsource some parts.

Are Seiko Watches As Good as Rolex?

Yes, Seiko watches are as good as Rolex. However, it depends on what you are looking for in a timepiece. Seiko watches are more accessible to people, meaning there’s a model for virtually everyone’s budget. Alternatively, Rolex watches are much more exclusive as they don’t have a range of price points. 

Both brands manufacture watches that are reliable, durable and precise. Are you looking for a watch that is luxurious and prestigious? Seek out the Grand Seiko line, which is a more comparable match to Rolex.

Do Seiko Watches Hold Their Value?

Yes, some Seiko watches hold their value exceptionally well. Watch models that are limited edition or vintage tend to hold value better than mass-produced models.