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Brief History of Timex Watches


Timex started as a clock and pocket watch company called the Waterbury Clock Company in 1854. The clock company expanded into watches over time and introduced the first watch under the Timex brand in 1950. Timex’s history is marked with significant moments. These include the creation of the Timex Marlin, which was popular amongst watch enthusiasts of the 1960s. The Marlin was a fusion of traditional and modern designs. In 1992, the brand introduced an ‘Indiglo’ backlit watch for better time telling in dark conditions.

Timex has remained a mainstay in the watch industry and is a leading watch brand. They offer a variety of watches to fit all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for a watch for work or working out, Timex has you covered.

Why We Love Timex

Everyone deserves a reliable, stylish timepiece. That’s what Timex provides. We love Timex for its accessibility. Timex is not a luxury brand, but it doesn’t have to be. The brand has a storied history and continues to churn out good-looking watches that get the job done. 

Though wallet-friendly, Timex also has no shortage of celebrity endorsements. You’ll find a Timex on Jack Nicholson sitting courtside at a Laker’s game or with Bill Murray on the ninth hole.

Our Favorite Timex Watches

We’ve scoured through the Timex watch lineup and are happy to share our favorite Timex watches. If you want to expand your watch collection but are unsure where to start, check out our favorite Timex picks.


A Timex Marlin watch with a white face and brown strap.

TSW Vintage Watch Pick: The Timex Marlin – $279

The Timex Marlin was the watch that put the brand on the map. The newest version of the Marlin features the classic and polished design of the first Marlin with a few modern updates. On the most recent version, you’ll find electric blue hands, a date window, and a 24-hour subdial. 

We especially love the intricate white stitching on the brown strap and the exhibition window on the case back. If you’re looking for a watch you can wear daily, check out the Marlin.

Inside, Timex powers the Marlin with a mechanical automatic wind movement. This model is water resistant to 50M, ideal for handwashing or accidental splashes. 

A Timex Expedition North watch with a cream face and green strap with orange accents.

TSW Functional Watch Pick: The Timex Expedition North – $199

You’ll love the Timex Expedition North if you seek a watch with all the bells and whistles. This style is jam-packed with features–it’s genuinely the Swiss Army tool of watches. The Expedition North features an analog compass in the bezel, a tide indicator and a temperature display. For late-night exploration, the watch features Timex’s infamous backlight Indiglo. The Expedition North gives you everything you need right at your wrist. 

A watch with extensive features requires substantial water resistance. Timex equipped the Expedition with 100M of water resistance alongside a quartz analog movement. The stainless steel case and silicone band add to the rugged aesthetic of this timepiece.


TSW Digital Watch Pick: The Timex Ironman T300+ – $95

In 1984, Timex worked with Ironman Triathlon officials to produce a watch that caters to the needs of triathlon athletes. Timex became an official sponsor of the Ironman event and has since developed a line of watches around the event. 

Do you need a watch that takes you from laps in the pool to hitting the street for the run? Try the Timex Ironman T300+. This Ironman features an interval training timer, stopwatch functionality, and a pace tracker. If you’re working out at night or before the sun rises, you can keep track with the help of Indiglo. 

This digital watch features 50M of water resistance. You can’t go scuba diving, but this watch has you covered when you are swimming laps. 


FAQs About The Timex Watch Brand

If you have questions about Timex watches, The Slender Wrist has you covered. Here are your most common queries regarding the Timex watch brand. 

Is Timex Made in the USA, or Is It a Chinese Company?

No, the majority of Timex watches are made overseas. However, Timex has made exceptions to its overseas production. Primarily with the Timex American Documents collection of watches assembled in the US. Timex is an American company with headquarters in Connecticut.

Where Are Timex Watches Made?

Timex manufactures its watches and watch parts in various factories overseas. These locations include the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, France, India, and Switzerland.

Are Timex Watches Good?

Yes, Timex watches are well-made and reliable. In fact, Timex’s slogan is “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” Should something happen to your Timex watch, the brand offers a limited one-year warranty.

How Do You Set a Timex Watch?

There are numerous ways to set a Timex watch. It depends on the model you have. We encourage you to reference your owner’s manual. If you have misplaced your manual, try Timex’s watch manual page to search for your model.