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Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan

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Orient watch logo featuring a seal with a red "O" over "ORIENT" in all capital letters.

Brief History of Orient Watches


While the Orient Watch company as we know it today was founded in 1951, its roots go back further. In 1901, Shogoro Yoshida opened the ‘Yoshida Watch Shop’ in Ueno Taito, Tokyo, Japan. Yoshida produced gold watch cases and table clocks. 

In 1950, the company was incorporated and mass-produced its first wristwatch, the ‘New Orient.’ A year later, the company adopted the name ‘Orient Watch.’ As the famous saying goes, the rest is history.

Why We Love Orient Watches

Orient has a long history of constructing watches that last. Longevity has always been a cornerstone of Orient. The brand’s global mission is to create a timepiece that outlasts all others. Even though Seiko-Epson Corporation now owns Orient, wearers regard Orient watches as timepieces that last.

We love that Orient offers well-made, great-value watches for most budgets. While not regarded as a luxury brand, you can count on them for superb mechanical watches and excellent automatic watches with in-house movements. You’ll gain a watch known for its longevity but with an everlasting style as well.

Our Favorite Orient Watches For Men

With so many Orient watches available, picking just one is hard. However, if you are unsure where to start, check out the Slender Wrist’s favorite watch picks.

Orient Bambino Version 4 watch with blue dial and tan suede strap.

TSW Dress Watch Pick: Orient Bambino Version 4 – $250

The Orient Bambino Version 4 in the tan suede and blue dial colorway is subtly striking. It’s perfect for wearing to work and then to happy hour for a little post-work relaxation. We especially love the soft tan suede wristband. It adds a textural element while the color lengthens your arm line. The blue dial is eye-catching yet versatile so you can wear it with any other colors. 

Aesthetics aside, Orient powers the Bambino Version 4 with a hand winding, hacking, and automatic movement. It features a date window to keep track of your days and is water resistant to 30M. 

Orient RA-AL0008S10B Watch with white dial and black strap.

TSW Everyday Watch Pick: The Orient Sun and Moon – $505

The Orient Sun and Moon RA-AL0008S10B features a classic black-and-white color scheme that adds to its vintage vibe. We particularly like the Roman numerals that are reminiscent of the Cartier Tank watch. However, this watch isn’t all retro. 

It features a date window, day-of-the-week, and sun and moon indicators on the face for a modern feel. All of these features are wrapped together with a stainless steel case and back textured strap.

You’ll find Orient’s Caliber F6B24 automatic, hand winding and hacking movement inside. You won’t want to go swimming in the Orient Sun and Moon. However, it has 50M of water resistance to withstand handwashing or splashing.

Orient M-Force watch with black dial, case and strap.


TSW Diver Watch Pick: The Orient M-Force – $785

If you’re looking for something rugged to withstand the elements, choose the Orient M-Force AC0L. Look, there’s just something about a monochromatic watch. It’s sleek, stylish, and an awesome addition to your watch collection. The white hour markers add a striking contrast to the black dial, case and strap. Additionally, Orient marks the watch hands in red to compliment the logo.

The M-Force is water resistant to 200M and is ISO 6425 compliant. Luminous hour markers and hands ensure you can see the time in low-light conditions. Inside, Orient powers the M-Force with a Caliber F76727 automatic, hand winding and hacking movement. Last, its rubber strap completes the rugged and sturdy aesthetic.


FAQs About Orient Watches

Do you have questions about Orient watches? You’re not alone. We’re here to answer your most common queries regarding Orient. If there’s something we’re missing, feel free to reach out.

Is Orient a Good Watch Brand?

Yes, Orient is a good watch brand. Orient is a brand known for well-built watches using quality materials like stainless steel and sapphire crystal. Additionally, the brand offers a wide variety of affordable watch styles. This means that they are accessible to virtually anybody.

Is Orient Watch Owned by Seiko?

No, Seiko Watches does not own Orient. However, they are both owned by the same parent company: Seiko Epson. Both brands operate independently and as separate entities under the Seiko Epson umbrella.

Is Orient Made in China?

No, Orient is not made in China. Most Orient watch production occurs in Japan, mainly in movement and assembly. However, Orient utilized offshore production for some of the components and a few of their quartz watches.