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The majority of Casio watches are under $500.


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Brief History of Casio Watches

Tadao Kashio founded Kashio Seisakujo, in Mitaka, Tokyo in 1946. Casio did not start as a watch company. In fact, the company created the world’s first electronic calculator in 1957. Casio did not cross over into the watch realm until the 1970s. In 1974, Casio debuted the Casiotron. It was the world’s first electronic watch equipped with an automatic calendar. 

Following the Casiotron, Casio continued to make technological advances in the watch industry. They created the first watch with a plastic case, then a wristwatch with a built-in calculator. Casio also created the world’s first GPS watch, the Satellite Navi. When you buy a Casio watch, you buy a watch representing timepiece technological advancements.

Why We Love Casio Watches

Casio is a brand that is accessible to everybody. They have watches in the $20 range and the $5,000 range. Regardless of what you are looking for, Casio has it. We also love the features they add to some of their watches. Some models are solar-powered, some dive watches include tide graphs, and others include calendar features. If you’re looking for the Swiss Army Tool of watches, it doesn’t get any better than a Casio watch. 

Casio stands by their watches and offers a one-year warranty on their watches from the date of original purchase.

Our Favorite Casio Watch Models

Casio has several lines of watches, so which should you pick? If you’re unsure, we’ve compiled a short list to check out. Here are our three favorite Casio watch models.

A Casio B650WD-1A digital watch in silver.

TSW Vintage Pick: Casio B650WD-1A – $35.95

Not only is our first pick an homage to the original Casio watches, but it’s also a budget pick. The Casio B650WD-1A features an easy-to-read digital face on a stainless steel band. It’s a versatile timepiece you can wear to work or on the weekend with your favorite casual clothes. True to the Casio brand, this watch is also functional. Casio back-lit the face so the time is easy to see when it’s dark. It also has a daily alarm and a 1/100-second stopwatch function. 

The Casio B650WD-1A is battery-powered and has about seven years of battery life usage. It is also water resistant to 50 meters, so you don’t have to worry about light splashes. At this low cost, this watch is surprisingly accurate. It’s accurate up to 30 seconds +/- each month.

A Casio MTP1302D-1A1VT watch with silver case and strap and black face.

TSW Office Pick: The Casio MTP1302D-1A1VT – $74.95

Are you looking for a watch to dress up or wear with business or business casual wear? If so, we like the Casio MTP1302D-1A1VT. This pick has a sleek and simple design: a black dial atop a silver stainless steel case and band. While most dress or work-friendly watches don’t include a seconds counter, you’ll find one on the edges of the dial. To wrap up this watch package, Casio includes a date window so you’ll always know where you are in the month. 

Casio powers the MTP1302D with a battery. However, the brand claims the watch will run on the battery for up to three years. This model is water resistant up to 50 meters and comes in various colors. We like the versatility of the version with the black dial.

The Casio Frogman MRGBF1000R1A watch with black case and strap with blue accents.

TSW Splurge Pick: The Casio Frogman MRGBF1000R1A – $5,000

We briefly mentioned that Casio timepieces are like the Swiss Army Tool of watches. The Casio Frogman MRGBF1000R1A is a prime example. Casio created the G-Shock line of watches to withstand the harshest conditions and activities. Are you looking for a watch to take you to the ocean’s depths or hiking up a mountain? The MRGBF1000R1A is the one. 

Casio constructed the key watch components out of titanium for strength and added a sapphire crystal screw-lock case backing. It comes with a rubber watch band. However, if you want to swap it for something else, it’s removable. Casio made this diver watch for the ocean. It features tide and dive functions, is water resistant to 200 meters, and has a high-brightness LED light for low-light conditions.



Do you have questions about Casio? We have you covered. Here are the answers to your most common questions about Casio watches.

Is a Casio Watch Good Quality?

Yes, overall, Casio watches are good quality. Some models are more durable than others, but the brand’s watches are typically functional, durable and reliable.

Is Casio Still Popular?

Yes, Casio watches are still popular. The brand is a household name; wearers love the watches for their designs, innovation, and reliability.

Why Are Casio Watches Cheap?

Casio focuses on accessibility and value as the brand targets a broader market. You can find a watch for virtually any budget. Casio also mass produces their watches and can pass the savings on to their customers. However, it’s also important to remember that some models come at a higher price. For example, the Frogman MRGBF1000R1A we mentioned earlier is $5,000.

Is Casio a Luxury Brand?

No, Casio is not a luxury brand. It is not an exclusive brand, nor are most of its watches constructed with precious metals and gems. However, Casio has a few watch models that you might consider luxury.