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Bulova logo featuring a tuning fork above the word "BULOVA" in all capital letters.

Brief History of Bulova Watches


Joseph Bulova immigrated from Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) to the United States. He dreamed of ” crafting supreme quality timepieces for an ever-changing and dynamic landscape.” In 1875, Bulova opened a small jewelry store in New York where he repaired clocks and pocket watches. Years later, Bulova shifted from repairing timepieces to producing them. 

In 1924, Bulova offered a range of men’s and women’s watches manufactured from a Biel, Switzerland factory. Research and precision drove Joseph Bulova. So much so that he set up a rooftop observatory in hopes of precisely determining universal time. 

Technological advancements made Bulova watches stand out from other timepieces at the time. In the 1960s, the Bulova Watch Company created the Accutron. The Bulova Accutron used a tuning fork instead of a balance wheel as the timekeeping element. This technology meant that the Accutron watches were more accurate than the mechanical watches of the time. Since the creation and production stop of the Accutron watch, Bulova has sold more than 4 million of them.

Why We Love Bulova

The Bulova brand is rich in history and innovation. It’s one of the reasons why the brand has such a loyal following and customer base. Additionally, they offer a wide range of styles, features and budgets. There is a Bulova watch for almost every person, whether you’re budget-conscious or looking to splurge on a luxury piece. 

Bulova offers a three-year global warranty and reliable customer service. Rest assured that the company will take care of your investment should something happen.

Our Favorite Bulova Men’s Watches

Bulova offers over 250 watches in the Men’s product lineup. So, which one do you pick? We have rounded up our favorite three picks to help you get started. 

A Bulova American Clipper watch with white dial and black strap.

TSW Classic Pick: The Bulova American Clipper – $325

When we think of a classic watch, the Bulova American Clipper is the first thing that comes to mind. The white dial, subtly textured strap and glossy stainless steel case are sleek yet understated. This watch has you covered from work to weekend, and you can even dress it up when needed. The minimalistic design features a date window to keep you on track.

This no-frills watch is battery-powered with a quartz crystal to regulate the time. Inside is a 9U13 movement with a water resistance of up to 30M.

Bulova Lunar Pilot Meteorite watch with black strap, gray dial and silver case.

TSW Unique Pick: The Bulova Lunar Pilot Meteorite – $1,495

We could not leave the Bulova Lunar Pilot Meteorite off our shortlist. This timepiece is the epitome of style and function. The sleek black leather strap, two-tone case, and chronograph features are striking. The pinnacle of the Lunar Pilot is the watch dial crafted from a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite discovered in Northern Scandinavia in 1906. 

It also means that each dial is one of a kind due to the natural differences in the stone. If you’re looking for a stylish and conversational timepiece, it doesn’t get better than the Lunar Pilot Meteorite. 

On the inside, Bulova powers the watch with an NP20 movement featuring a 3-pronged quartz. This technology provides more accuracy than a standard quartz. The sapphire crystal is anti-reflective and scratch-resistant, ensuring your watch always looks pristine. 

A Bulova Breton watch with a gold case, white dial and brown leather strap.

TSW Vintage Pick: The Bulova Breton – $1,095

There’s something elevated and polished about having a vintage (or vintage-looking) watch in your collection. We love the retro aesthetic of the Bulova Breton watch. It features a gold-tone, stainless steel case, a brown textured band and a cream dial. Like our other picks, the Breton is certainly multi-purpose. Wear it to work with a business casual ensemble or a tailored boardroom suit. You can even wear it casually with a sweater and jeans. It’s truly universal.

Under the exhibition case back, you won’t find a battery. The wearer’s arm motion winds the wound spring of the mechanical SW200 movement. You won’t want to wear the Breton in the water. Its 30M of water resistance is perfect for hand washing or accidental splashes. However, if you’re going for a swim, leave your Breton in your watch box.


FAQs About Bulova Watches

If you have questions about Bulova, we have you covered. Here are your most common queries regarding the Bulova watch brand.

Is Bulova a Luxury Brand?

No. Bulova is not a luxury brand compared to Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, or Breitling. Most consider Bulova to be a “luxury within reach” brand. This means they offer a mix of accessible and luxury price points.

Are Bulova Watches Good Quality?

Yes, Bulova watches are good quality. The brand uses high-quality, durable materials like titanium, stainless steel, sapphire crystals, and diamonds in some models. Bulova’s movements are reliable and accurate. Additionally, they are backed with a three-warranty.

Is Bulova Made by Rolex?

No, Rolex does not make Bulova watches. A private family trust, the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, owns Rolex. Bulova is a subsidiary of Citizen Watch Co. Citizen acquired Bulova in 2008. However, it operates as a separate brand.

Where Are Bulova Watches Made?

Bulova watches are primarily made in Japan. Since Bulova is a subsidiary of Citizen, they share the same watch production facilities.