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18 Best YouTube Channels About Watches

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When it comes to watches, you just can’t get enough, right? You need to read forums threads, find inspiration on Instagram, learn about your favorite timepieces and, of course, watch YouTube.

If you don’t know where to start, or if you want even more watch channels to scratch your itch, here is what I think are the best YouTube channels about watches. Enjoy!

A Blog To Watch

yt a blog to watch

On this channel; you’ll find reviews of pieces that you don’t get to see all the time (or at all) on other watch channels. From very affordable to very luxurious, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for

Discover A Blog To Watch

Armand The Watch Guy

yt armand the watch guy

Armand puts a lot of work in his videos to tell you in detail the history and subtleties of a particular model. All you get to see is watches, so be prepared to step up your horology game.

Discover Armand The Watch Guy

Bark & Jack

yt bark and jack

Adrian is a big fan of his Explorer 36mm (that’s an understatement). He vlogs about watches walking the streets of London and drinking coffee.

Discover Bark & Jack

Federico Talks Watches

yt federico talks watches

Federico is working as a watch dealer and has a great knowledge and overview of the market. Very knowledgeable and very likeable.

Discover Federico Talks Watches


yt hodinkee

My favorite series from Hodinkee is “Talking Watches”, where you get to discover very high-end collections from personalities, and the incredible stories behind the timepieces.

Discover Hodinkee

Just One More Watch

yt just one more watch

Looking for an affordable watch and don’t which one to get? You’ve come to the right place. He’s the king of affordable watch reviews.

Discover Just One More Watch

Long Island Watch

yt long island watch

Marc from Long Island Watch is a watch dealer and likes to show and say things as they are. He has gained quite a big following because he’s so likeable and helpful.

Discover Long Island Watch


yt minitwatch

You cen feel the smile and good mood in this guys voice and jokes. It’s so enjoyable to watch. Big focus on more affordable timepieces for those of you who don’t want to break the bank.

Discover Minit Watch

Take Time

yt take time

Patrick (the host of the channel) has a nice way of filming his reviews – his videos just flow between camera angle and it’s a real pleasure to watch.

Discover Take Time

Teddy Baldassarre

yt teddy baldassarre

Teddy is the king of lists: form the best watches under $100 to the watches worn by presidents and controversial leaders, you will definitely find a list for you.

Discover Teddy Baldassarre

The Slender Wrist

yt the slender wrist

Shameless plug. On my channel you’ll find everything I love (and don’t love) about watches: reviews, advice, opinions, rants and the occasional vlog. And I also give advice and options for guys with small wrists because – well – I’m part of them. Join me as I’m having fun sharing with you my views and reviews!

Discover The Slender Wrist

The Time Teller

yt the time teller

He’s energetic, has a big beard and bold opinions. He likes Seiko probably like no other (especially his SKX) and sometimes he loses it… and we love it.

Discover The Time Teller

The Urban Gentry

yt the urban gentry

Tristano form The Urban Gentry needs no introduction: he’s got on of the biggest YouTube channels about watches. From modern to vintage, many men began their watch collection journey thanks to him.

Discover The Urban Gentry

yt the watches tv

A strong French, a big passion for watches, the will to explore this exhilarating world of ours and bring us the best of history, craftsmanship and technicality, and you have a good overview of what to expect from this channel.


Time+Tide Watches

yt time and tide watches

Very well put together and energetic videos from this channel based in Australia. From affordable to luxury pieces, you’ll get to discover everything under the sun when it comes to watches.

Discover Time+Tide Watches

Watchbox Reviews

yt watchbox reviews

Here, you will find some great reviews but my favorite videos are versus between two high-stakes contenders. Very straightforward and to the point, very interesting.

Discover Watchbox Reviews


yt watchfinder

My favorite and probably the most enjoyable channel about watches. The quality of the images, narrative, delivery, story and editing is stellar. This one deserves a 12/10. It’s that good.

Discover Watchfinder

Worn And Wound

yt worn and wound

I really like the laid-back style of the reviews you can find on this channel. Yet there are very thorough with  lot of valuable information and great close-up shots.

Discover Worn And Wound

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